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ZTE Axon M foldable smartphone hits FCC

ZTE Axon M

ZTE’s next mobile is the foldable smartphone with 6.8 inch display when fold out. Earlier you may have gone through some of the renders of the foldable design but it didn’t come from the official channels. Now, the recent FCC listings confirms the ZTE’s foldable smartphone ZTE Axon M, below image gives you the glimpse of the device design.

In a report Android Authority posted some renders showing the foldable smartphone. the ZTE Axon M also claims, the device can run two apps at the same time. Which means you can two apps on the two screens, sounds really good.

ZTE Axon M
Credits : AndroidAuthority

The device has passed through the FCC, so you expect this device in the markets soon. On 17th October the company is holding a press conference in New York City. Probably this will be the stage for the industry first foldable smartphone from ZTE.

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There is now word on the official specifications yet, but sources have some information on the specifications. This device will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 Chipset paired with a 4GB RAM and a 3,120mAH battery and cost you $650.

ZTE Axon M
Credits: AndroidAuthority

The size of the smartphone is really big with 6.8″ inch screen considering its foldable nature. Already we have some phones with 6″ inch or higher, but they are doing really good in terms of performance. They really fit in our pockets, but this bigger ZTE Axon M doesn’t seems to fit in the pockets. So, whatever the reason we will get the first impressions of ZTE Axon M on the 17th October.

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Source: FCC via: AndroidAuthority


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